Monday, September 17, 2012

DIY Driftwood Lamp with Jute Shade

Happy Monday morning my friends! It is another rainy one here, so another great day to work inside on some projects! This guest room is really starting to come together and there are only a few other things I need to do to finish it! Last night I started painting the closet, I made it about halfway through and my mom and dad stopped by, she had done a Walmart run and picked me up some glue sticks for my glue gun so I could finish my lamp! Needless to say the closet got put on the back burner until the lamp was done. I really need to have one project at a time on my focus or none of them will get done. With that said, I can finally tell you about our lamp!

I knew I needed a lamp for this room and I have seen plenty, all of them are either boring or really expensive!! I was on some design website the other day looking for ideas and I came across a driftwood lamp. Now, Mr. C and I both REALLY loved them. Only one problem...they ranged in price from $150 to over $1000 EEEK!!! Needless to say I wasn't going to be buying one anytime soon. So when we were at the Antique Mall the other day, they had driftwood for sale. We found a piece that we both liked and that looked like it would be ok for a lamp and got it! Next we went to Home Depot and got a lamp kit that only cost $10.97 I think. I needed a plain lamp shade that I could decorate, so the next stop was Walmart and I found one that would work for $14.97. Last stop was Hobby Lobby, I was going to make a Sisal Shade, but when I got to HL they had Jute which was darker and was going to work with my wood much better so I got that instead. So here is how the cost is summed up!

Driftwood $15.00
Lamp Kit $10.97
Shade $14.97
Jute $4.99

Total Cost for the Lamp: $45.93

Which is good because I have leftover Jute that I can use for another project. I already had a CFL bulb, and lots of random shells I added to it as well! So here it is, finished in all of it's glory!

I think I have become some sort of DIYaholic, I am really having a lot of fun making all of these things. I also gets tons of really great inspiration from Pinterest. I had no idea there were so many good ideas on there! Sometime this week I am expecting a book about Beach House Design, I am hoping that will give me some new creative things to do as I finish up this room and start working on the den! 

I guess for now I am going to get back to the closet, it is staring at me screaming, "Paint me, Paint me!" I am going to give it and do it. After that, organizing the craft stuff, now that is a bug challenge that I hope I am ready for. I have everything from Soap Making supplies to cross-stitch projects. I am in for a treat of a rainy Monday!

Have A Magical Day!

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